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- 17%
15 kg Maltekstrakt lys - harboe
598,- 498,-
Merke: Harboe
Flytende lys maltekstrakt. 1 kanne tilsvarer ca 24kg med malt. OBS - bør benyttes innen 1 mnd, etter åpning.
Merke: Coobra
Flytende lys maltekstrakt. 1 pakke tilsvarer ca. 1,6 kg malt.
Merke: Coobra
Flytende medium (Amber) maltekstrakt. 1 pakke tilsvarer ca. 1,6 kg malt.
Merke: Coopers
For a creamier head with enhanced body and mouth-feel. Inneholder: maltodextrin, dextrose
Merke: Mangrove Jacks
Flytende maltekstrakt fra Mangrove Jack's. Ideal for boosting your 23L brew while adding flavour and body to your beer. Great for all beer styles but perfect for lagers, pilsners, golden ales and light coloured pale ales. Use this in place of brew enhancers or dextrose. This product will be changing its name to Pure Malt Enhancer as we run through stock. Dry matter (% solids): 79-83% by weight Colour (10% w/v sol.): 5 – 8 EBC pH (10% w/v sol.): 5.0 – 6.0
Merke: Weyermann
Flytende fargefare produsert fra carafamalt. Weyermann® Sinamar® All-Natural Liquid Malt Color contributes dark colour to the finished beer but next to no bitterness. The extract is produced entirely from dehusked Carafa® Special roasted malt. It is brewed like beer, then vacuum-evaporated and debittered by a special process. Weyermann® Sinamar® extract produces no turbidity, is highly pH-stable, has no E-number, is non-GMO and gluten-free. Easy to use. It is produced according to the current food law regulations as well as the German purity law. Perfectly suited for e.g. colouring bread and other baked goods, non-alcoholic drinks, beer, spirits, pharmaceutical products and tea. Use: 14 g (11.9 ml) to darken 1 hl of beer or wort by 1 EBC; can be added at the end of the boil, during fermentation or right before conditioning the beer.
Merke: Muntons
Spraymalt 500 gram lys