Blonde Lager

Blonde Lager

Mangrove Jack's Traditional Series 1,5kg


Lagerstatus: På lager
Varenummer 1076
Leverandørens varenummer 10421
Merke Mangrove Jacks
Pours pale gold, with a thin white head. Sweet, fruity aroma, lush apple sauce with a soft hint of pineapple. Soft, light malt flavour with a hint of apple in the finish, very light bitterness with clean, dry aftertaste.

ABV Approx: 4%
IBU: 18-24
Optimal Fermenting Temp: 20 - 25ºC
Makes:23 L
Yeast: Beer Yeast 5g
Brewing Sugar Required: 1.2kg Pure Liquid Malt Extract or 1kg Dextrose

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