Brut IPA Mangrove Jack's Craft Series with dry hops - 2.5kg

Brut IPA Mangrove Jack's Craft Series with dry hops - 2.5kg

Mangrove Jack's Craft Series 2,5kg


Lagerstatus: På lager
Varenummer 1833
Leverandørens varenummer 10693
Merke Mangrove Jacks
Born in a San Francisco Brew Pub, the Brut IPA is considered one of the newest sub-genre of American IPA. With a flavor profile and aroma to compete with top American IPAs, it's easy to see why Brut IPAs are a fixture in craft beer bars the world over.

This new style came from the Social Kitchen & Brewery Head Brewer, who was experimenting with enzyme addition in their IPAs and designed this new Brut IPA. Kind of like a happy accident as this brewer was trying to increase the attenuation of their IIPAs so the beer would be less sweet, and in that process created a new style!

The Brut IPA was named so because it was super dry like Brut Champagne. This style combines the hoppiness of an IPA with the crisp, refreshing drinkability of a lager.

This fantastic Brut IPA comes with a unique yeast and glucoamylase enzyme (which ferments out the maltotriose leaving the beer with no residual sugar) blend specifically designed for this kit.

Tasting Notes:

Hop led aroma with notes of mango, passion fruit, blueberry and pine. Sweet up front with a satisfyingly crisp, bitter and extra dry finish.

Yeast: Brut Yeast (mix of yeast and glucoamylase enzyme)
Bitterness: 2/5
IBU: 18-22
Colour: Hazy Gold
ABV: 6.5%