Brewferm Pilsnermalt 1kg

Brewferm Pilsnermalt 1kg

3-4 EBC / 1,8-2 Lovibond pilsmalt


Lagerstatus: På lager
Varenummer 1854
Leverandørens varenummer 051.004.0
Merke Brewferm
A premium quality pilsner malt, malted according to our specifications. Produced from the highest quality 2-row summer barley with excellent brewing performance and high yield. Due to the characteristic properties of the malting process you get a combination of a high quality malt with a high yield in your brewery.

This pilsner malt is an excellent base malt for virtually all beer styles.

The bags of this pilsner malt consist of monofilament, which ensures better recyclability.
Brewferm's pilsner malt is placed upon 100 x 120 pallets per 40 bags.
For large quantities, please contact our sales staff.

EBC: 2.5 - 4
Lovibond: 1.5 - 2.1 °L
Application: base malt, can be used up to 100%
Friability: min. 85%
Kolbach index: 37-43%