Royal Bubbler 8 L - Brewferm
Royal Bubbler 8 L - Brewferm
Royal Bubbler 8 L - Brewferm

Royal Bubbler 8 L - Brewferm


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Varenummer 1644
Merke Brewferm
Gjærlås og Silikonpropp 36/44 mm følger ikke med og kan kjøpes separat.

The Brewferm glass carboy with wide mouth is your ideal fermentation vessel. The jar's wide opening makes it easy to reach inside the jar to add and remove ingredients or clean every inch of the inner surface. The glass surface does not scratch easily, so these jars are easy to sanitize and do not harbor bad odors or flavors. They can provide decades of great performance if you handle them with care.

Now with new and improved lid. This specially engineered lid ensures a perfect airtight seal for your precious brews. The airlock and the silicone bung 36/44 mm are available separately (not included, see accessories). Picking up the glass carboy is uncomplicated thanks to the nylon strap handles that are included.

Wide mouth opening (15 cm) for easy cleaning
Durable straps included that make carrying easy
No bad odors or flavors
Glass surface doesn’t scratch that easily
Drilled lid included to take any standard airlock (see accessories)
Easy to clean

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